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Wooden slatted roofs

Only wooden parts are visible in this minimalist design. The aluminium top of the motorised slat roof ensures that during a rainstorm, the water is drained off in a controlled manner via the posts, in which the water drains are attractively incorporated.

Operation - Sensors - LED lighting
Glass walls - Closed wooden walls
Fixed or movable slats

Wooden terrace shutters

The terrace shutters are very aesthetic thanks to the integrated mechanism in the wooden frame. When closed, they provide privacy and shelter from rain, wind and bright sun, while when open, they offer an unobstructed view of the surroundings. This type of wooden shutter is also perfect for integration as a side wall in a wooden outbuilding or slatted roof and proves ideal for extending the length of summer.

Wooden window shutters

Depending on preference or room needs, there is a choice of fixed, side sliding, side folding or upward folding shutters. Thanks to our professional custom work in high quality wood, the result is eye-catching. All of the shutters are inventive and able to regulate incoming daylight. They are available with both horizontal and vertical slats and can be operated manually, automatically or possibly via connection to a home automation system. The mechanism is always fully integrated into the frame, which only enhances the natural look.


De terrasshutters zijn zeer esthetisch dankzij de ingewerkte mechaniek in het houten kader. Gesloten zorgen ze voor privacy en beschutting tegen regen,wind en felle zon, terwijl ze open een ongehinderd zicht bieden op de omgeving. Dit type houten shutters is ook perfect als zijwand te integreren in een houten bijgebouw of lamellendak. Ideaal om de duur van de zomer te verlengen.

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