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For our wooden exterior joinery, our company works exclusively with the manufacturer, Pouleyn. Eddy De Prins manages the sale, measurement and installation of carpentry products while Pouleyn represents the innovative, exclusive exterior joinery. Thus, a versatile range of both rural and modern designs as well as advanced production lines mean the capacity to be more flexible in order to meet the wishes of designers.
A wide range of possibilities are on offer, ranging from classic to modern, to customise our window models to meet consumer requirements. The Eddy De Prins firm mainly works with extremely durable wood species such as Afrormosia, Moabi, and Oak.
Exterior doors
Exterior doors must potentially protect against cold, moisture and burglary which is why Eddy De Prins only works with high-quality materials. We also make sure that your doors are fitted with the best locks and draught excluders! We make doors completely to measure, just like our windows and can therefore offer you a wide choice of panelled, pivot and buttressed doors.
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Solid hardwood

Class 1 timber species

For years, Pouleyn has been a pioneer in choosing Afrormosia for their construction projects, the noblest and highest quality wood species from West and Central Africa. This wood is primarily known for its hard-core durability, beautiful appearance and flame-like patterns.

Hydro treatment

The Pouleyn company has developed its own hydro-oil over the years to make wood water-repellent and to give it a beautiful, greyish appearance. This protection ensures low shrinkage and swelling, and years of protection.


By buying directly from the timbering company, the Eddy De Prins company is able to manufacture products in an environmentally conscious way. In addition to offering items of high quality, the business is therefore strongly committed to its ecological footprint.

Solid bottom rails and windowsills

Met hoogtechnologische frezen en de grootste Working Process® raamstraat in België, kunnen volledige onderregels en vleugelneuzen in één stuk bewerkt worden, zodat er geen verlijming nodig is en uw ramen veel langer meegaan. Pouleyn was de eerste in België die dit aanbood.

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