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Wrought iron windows and doors provide extra cachet and a uniqueness to a home interior. In order to do full justice to such a beautiful addition, any wrought ironwork is individually tailored to customer wishes. Wrought iron joinery can be provided for indoor applications as well as integrated into outdoor joinery or our outdoor concepts.

Rural wrought iron doors

With our classic interior doors, the glass is secured with an elastic glass sealant and the doors themselves are sandblasted and finished in the paint shop. This assures that everything is built up to the finest possible profiles. 

Contemporary wrought iron doors

With these more austere interior doors, the glass is fixed in a counter-frame and the doors are sandblasted and finished with a varnish of customer choice. Everything is built up to the finest possible profiles so as to meet customer expectations.


Our walls can be constructed with a smooth finish or with putty and built up using the finest possible profiles.

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