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For wooden exterior gates, we work exclusively with those manufactured by the company, Carpentier. All types of gates are available and made to measure. Whether you are considering a timeless gate in Afromosoa or a designer gate in aluminium, or a combination of both materials, each gate is finished to perfection and durability in the workshop.
The wooden gates are fully assembled in the workshop on a concrete foundation. We can therefore work according to the plug and play (PnP) principle, which guarantees an extremely smooth and rapid installation. 

Solid hardwood

Type of wood class 1

For years, Carpentier has been a pioneer in choosing Afrormosia for their construction projects, the noblest and highest quality wood species from West and Central Africa. This wood is primarily known for its hard-core durability, beautiful appearance and flame-like patterns.

Hydro treatment

Carpentier has also developed its own hydro-oil over the years to make the wood water repellent and to give it a beautiful, greyish appearance. This protection ensures low shrinkage and swelling, and years of protection.


By buying directly from the wood thinner manufacturers and suppliers, Eddy De Prins chooses to produce in an environmentally friendly way. In addition to high quality, great emphasis is also placed on our ecological footprint.

Numerous options

The company offers accessories such as letterboxes, interphones, videophones and built-in house numbers that provide that little bit extra.

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