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Why would one choose laminated flooring? What would you like your floor to look like? Stone, wood or vintage tiles? Laminated flooring offers countless possibilities. The extensive BerryAlloc laminate collection has a quality floor for every taste. The company’s planks come in different sizes so customers can choose the best option for their homes. Laminate floors are easy to clean, quick to install and offer endless further possibilities.

Variety of laminated flooring

With laminate, the choice of styles and sizes is endless. Eddy De Prins offers an extensive collection of different plank sizes. For example, customers can choose extra-long or extra-wide planks to make a room look more spacious, a classic parquet from herringbone or extra narrow planks according to taste.

The appearance of real wood

Does authentic, natural-looking wood with realistic embossed effects give you a warm feeling? This is precisely what our laminate collections are known for. Pure nature. Pure love.

Water and moisture resistant floors

The Ocean+ and Eternity  & Eternity Long Long collections are resistant to water and moisture. With their appearance, they respond to the latest trends for the use of wood or stone in the bathroom. Strong, beautiful, water-resistant and so easy to clean. What more could you ask for?

A lifetime guarantee for residential use

BerryAlloc® stands for quality. That’s why Eddy De Prins can offer a lifetime guarantee on these floors for residential use. These products are tested for strength, water resistance, discoloration, stability and durability. The result is a floor that can be enjoyed for many years.

A host of matching accessories

Once a floor has been installed, it needs to be finished neatly and maintained. For this, our accessories come into play, additional items such as skirting boards, flooring profiles and maintenance products. Among the firm’s wide range there can certainly be found the perfect accessory for every floor.

The best locking system

The DuoLoc, 5G and Chateau Loc systems guarantee a smooth installation of BerryAlloc® laminate floors and make everyone proficient in DIY or ‘do-it-yourself’.

Low maintenance

A floor that looks like wood, but which you can easily clean with soap and water. That is the win-win of laminate. A damp cloth and a little detergent will keep your floor looking like new for years.

Sustainably developed

All products supplied by Eddy de Prins are PEFC® certified. This means that they carry the label of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. This means that customers can be assured that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Produced in Belgium

Our laminate floors have been designed and produced in Belgium for over 20 years with the added assurance that they are decorative, trendy and easy to install. Moreover, they require little maintenance and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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