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Belgiqa parquet flooring

Eddy De Prins is the exclusive distributor of Belgiqa parquet flooring and thus offers the complete range of Belgiqa products. All collections can be viewed in the exclusive parquet showroom at Industrieweg 11 in Beerse. The parquetry collections are available in a wide range of wood gradings, finishes and laying structures and these engineered floors are suitable for underfloor heating and cooling.

Laying styles and patterns

Traditional plank floor:

This is the most common installation style for sleek and modern interiors.

Herringbone patterned flooring:

Herringbone patterned flooring means a timeless parquet floor that suits every living style. Although this is the type of floor traditionally seen in classic castles, museums and mansions, in recent years there has been renewed interest in the installation of herringbone parquet floors in regular homes. A herringbone parquet floor consists of elongated planks, which are laid against each other to create the eye-catching herringbone pattern.

Hungarian point pattern:

Hungarian point parquet is an engineered pattern consisting of strips of the same dimensions with the ends cut at an angle of 45° to 60°. The strips are laid parallel to each other, forming regular, parallel patterns.

Parquet flooring finishes

Although the business primarily offers finished flooring from the Belgiqa collections, they also finish other unfinished parquet floors in the company lacquering department. This enables the flooring to be matched with the chosen finishes on the stairs and other joinery. Finishes such as those used on the Belgiqa collections can also potentially be used on Eddy De Prins’ stair collection so that everything can be matched beautifully.

Renovation of old parquet floors

Eddy De Prins has the necessary experience and expertise to renovate old parquet flooring. Skilled company workers visit the home in question to sand the floor and repair it where necessary. The floor is then finished with a wood oil or varnish according to the customer’s wishes.

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