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Since 2016, Eddy De Prins has designed and produced the company’s own stairs. After considerable investment in the machinery as well as in the necessary software, it can now be said with confidence that there are few limitations in production. As a result, the capacity has significantly increased allowing the firm to speedily respond to customer requests and to be prompt with delivery times even when full customization of products is called for.

What can you expect from our company? We produce standard staircases, spiral or circular staircases or the more rustic cottage staircases. We can also make others such as modern Z-shaped stairs or L-shaped stairs. It is the customer’s choice as the possibilities are virtually unlimited!

The Eddy De Prins business produces handrails and wall handles constructed of wood, metal, or a combination of both. With an in-house blacksmith, all metalwork is produced and finished in the company workshops.

Covering concrete stairs is also one of the possibilities where various models and finishes are possible.

3D views

Under the motto, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, customers are able to obtain a clear picture of the potential results of their requested projects by means of 3D visualisations.

Materials and carpentry finishing

The company’s most commonly used wood species are Beech, Oak, Walnut and European Ash. Other types of wood are of course possible on request.

When it comes to carpentry finishing, this can be completed in the firm’s own lacquer shop using oil treatment or colours and varnishes. As this is all done in-house, it gives the skilled workers the opportunity to match doors and/or parquet floors with the colours of staircases and other interior elements. Finishes in coatings such as Mortex are also possible and are done by Eddy De Prins’ own experts.

Would you more information?

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