For years we have maintained very good relationships with ideal partners, partners who stand for quality, sustainability and resilience. 


For years we have maintained very good relationships with ideal partners, partners who stand for quality, sustainability and resilience. Together with them, Eddy De Prins guarantees you the best of the best!

Theuma is one of the largest producers of door sets (interior doors and frames) in Europe and has 250 employees spread over Belgium (Bekkevoort) and the Netherlands (Nijkerk).

Door fitting 

Since 1911, Olivari has produced handles from its own factories in Italy where the entire production process takes place. There, the handles can be forged, ground, polished, chromed and laser marked.

Quincalux is a Belgian production house specialised in the manufacturing of exclusive architectural hardware for doors, windows, furniture, yachts and exclusive projects. This partner has a complete range of styles, from castle to classic and from retro to contemporary design.

Sinds enige tijd ondervinden we dat de vraag naar zowel oude koperen als bronzen kleuren opnieuw toeneemt. Daarom stellen wij u graag onze nieuw kleur old brass

Totaal concept collecties bestaande uit deur, raam en meubelbeslag. Wereldwijd luxemerk op het gebied van architectural hardware

Total concept collections consisting of door, window and furniture fittings. Global luxury architectural hardware brand.


Are you building a new house or renovating? Door handles, window handles and furniture knobs are part of that! Why not choose the Dauby company? This company believes that appearance, durability and ease of maintenance are paramount! Dauby is a business that works exclusively with natural materials and alloys.


BerryAlloc® offers a wide range of interior solutions for residential and commercial projects, from laminate, vinyl and parquet floors to wall panels. The craftsmen of this company are not just carpenters, they form a cast-iron team

Onze vakmannen zijn niet zomaar schrijnwerkers. Ze vormen een ijzersterk team van oude – en minder oude – rotten in het vak, met een echte passie


Carpentier is a team of wood experts passionate both in heart and soul. Through vertical integration, this company has the entire production process under control, from tree to finished product. This, combined with top quality and beautifully finished products, contributes to their business slogan ‘Smart wood for nice places’.

By investing in innovation and craftsmanship, Pouleyn, as a family business, resolutely opts for expertise and dedication to the work in hand. Pouleyn is the perfect partner for your out-of-the-box project. In collaboration with Pouleyn, your classy and timeless designs can be developed into architectural gems, where warmth and aesthetics go hand in hand with functionality.

Window decoration

Uptone designs the entire interior of your home, using high quality visualizations that you can adjust and fine-tune yourself.

In 2001, Jeroen Hermans founded the company JASNO whose team of experts give the traditional shutter a contemporary look and feel, partly by using recessed hinges.

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